DVD, Blu-ray, USB and Online Delivery

What is the best method to deliver digital content?

DVD and Blu-ray: believe it or not, there are still many professional videographers who deliver digital content on DVDs.  Although DVDs does not seem to be the trend nowadays, there are many videographers for private events such as weddings, still deliver content on DVD today.  Reason is often because there are limited methods to deliver digital content online.  Let’s take a look at a few samples:

  • Dropbox, box, wetransfer: we can easily rule these platforms out.  Although these are great tools to transfer files to your client, these are not platforms that natively support photos and videos.  For example, Dropbox has issues downloading large files unless you install dropbox sync.  Viewing photos and videos on wetransfer is limited unless user downloads the content.  The list goes on…
  • Youtube: if you are a wedding videographer, one may consider Youtube.  As you know, YouTube advertises on their content.  Would the wedding couple want to watch an ad every time the couple, friends and family watches their wedding video? In addition, youtube only supports video, no photos.
  • Vimeo: this may be a way to deliver digital content.  However, the control on the video content is limited.  If the wedding couple has many videos of their wedding day, there’s no easy way to manage and view their content easily.  Of course, vimeo, like youtube only supports video, no photos.
  • There are many tools to deliver photos online such as Pixieset, Zenfolio, Shootproof, Smugmug, etc… but most of these do not support videos. Smugmug does support video, but it’s primary a photo delivery platform.
  • DVD, Blu-ray, USB: these are the most conventional ways for videographers to deliver digital contents to their clients. However, each of these ways have its limitations.  DVD does not support HD content, the highest resolution is still SD, no way around this.  USB can be copied easily making it very difficult to protect its content.  There are not many people who owns a Blu-ray player, do you? DVD and Blu-rays are becoming extinct where there are more and more families who no longer owns DVD or Blu-ray players.

So what is the best solution? Answer is: Cloutal, and here’s why:

  • Online delivery platform for content creators and professionals
  • Platform supports both photos and videos natively
  • Photos and videos are organized by collections and albums for easy access
  • Access control provide users to specific who can access a specific image or video file
  • Casting videos to smart TV, Apple TV, or Chromcast device (photo coming soon)
  • And much much more

Our goal at Cloutal is to provide one solution for professional photographers and videographers to seemlessly deliver digital content directly to their clients.  Give us a try today!